Swimming Pool Design

Whilst a pool size is usually confined to the space available, there are other areas our experts can help provide their knowledge and advice to you.

The pool depth and the pools expected use will affect the type and specification of the pools unseen ancillary equipment.

We also need to consider visual aspects of your pool design too. Pool liner style/colour, lighting, waterproof speakers, pool surround, safety features and pool covers will all need to discussed and considered.

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Domestic garden swimming pools

Indoor swimming pools

Pools with a Spa/Sauna

One piece domestic pools

A fibreglass 'one piece' pool offers a fast and economical installation, with exceptional durability and strong construction. These can be installed both outdoors and indoors.

One Piece Pools

Bespoke swimming pool design

A custom built, bespoke swimming pool can built to your exact requirements. Any size, any shape and with any permutation of features. The only limitation is your budget.

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Spas, Saunas & Steam Rooms

Our Spas, saunas and steam rooms provide gentle heat for relaxation and therapeutic purposes. Both can alleviate muscle soreness and body pains.

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Hydrotherapy Pools

The warmer water allows your muscles to relax which eases joint pain and enables you to exercise more easily. The water also supports your weight, which also helps to relieve pain.