Swimming Pool Service & Maintenance

Are you having problems with your pool or spa?  From heater breakdowns, faulty filters or noisy pumps,  we’ve seen them all before. With almost 50 years experience, we have the know-how to resolve problems you may have.

Need new equipment? We provide a full supply and installation service available on all swimming pool products.

We also provide a range of Service Contracts, with weekly, monthly or quarterly plans available. A service contract will help ensure you pool stays in tip-top condition.

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Pool Maintenance & Repairs

Equipment Supplied & Installed

Swimming Pool Leak Detection

Swimming Pool Liners

Pool Maintenance and Repairs

We have a dedicated team of swimming pool engineers, Which undertake all manner of swimming pool repairs from pumps, filters, pipework, and heating. We recommend a filter media change be undertaken every 3-5 years to ensure your pool water is kept in top condition.

Pool Leak Detection

We have invested in specialist leak detection equipment. If you suspect your pool is leaking we can use our pressure test equipment to determine soundness of pipework. Once we determine if a line is defective, we have sonic listening equipment to pinpoint any leaks, which reduces the need for excessive excavation.

Swimming Pool Liners

We offer a wide selection of swimming pool liners from ‘bag liners’ to on-site welded liners. We accurately measure the pool before ordering the liner, carry out any agreed repairs, install the liner and re-commission to rejuvenate your pool.