Swimming Pool Covers 

Keeping your pool clean and above all, safe from accidents, is a vital responsibility for any swimming pool owner. Installing a cover solves these problems in a convenient, attractive and especially cost-effective manner.

We have a large range of options and styles to suit your taste and budget. Get in touch to benefit from our expert advice.

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Benefits of pool covers

Reduce water and chemical evaporation

Dramatically reduce heating costs

Less time spent on maintenance / cleaning

Keep your pool safe for children and pets

Pool Safety Covers

A vital safety feature to ensure that your family or pets don't fall into the pool unattended. These covers also help to reduce debris in the water.

Slatted Pool Covers

Visually stylish when covering the pool, slatted covers magically disappear when the pool is in use. Most of our slatted pool covers are motorised, allowing easy automated operation at the touch of a button.

Solar & Heat retention Covers

These help maintain water temperature and reduce water heating costs. They will also allow the heat from the sun to raise the water temperature, whilst acting as a blanket at night.



Winter Pool Covers

A more robust cover that 'locks down' for longer periods, protecting your pool and equipment from the worst of our winter weather and leaf fall.