One Piece Swimming Pools

Fibreglass 'one piece' pools offer a fast and economical installation, with exceptional durability and strong construction. Available in different shapes and colours, you can choose the look to suit your tastes.

Because the pool arrives as a one-piece fibreglass mould, installation times can be dramatically reduced.

A fibreglass pool benefits from a smooth rounded finish, which means algae is less inclined to stick to the sides, and is easier to keep clean. The smooth surface can also be kinder to your skin, when compared to a concrete pool.

Whilst moulded pools are generally smaller, typically 4-5 metres, swimmers can still enjoy exercise when a counter current unit is fitted. These units will create a strong current to swim against.

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Benefits of a one piece pool

Faster installation time

Ideal for smaller spaces

Fibreglass won't easily puncture

Low Maintenance with a smooth finish

Can be kinder on your knees and feet